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"When terror attacks again strike the United States, two ordinary citizens—Paul Tipton and Lisa Appleton—join forces to uncover a web of conspiracy reaching the highest levels of government. Their task is difficult, for while trying to prevent the assassination of the first female vice president, they must also confront feelings about their past and a possible future together.

After our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001, one would expect there to be a surplus of Tom Clancy-meets-Tom Ridge inspired novels to follow in the wake of this tragedy. Fortunately, Crisis, the new novel by Erik Qualman, avoids not only sensationalism but nearly every possible pitfall in suspense fiction, while also addressing the tragedy of terrorism with empathy and understanding..

Crisis is brilliantly written, with a plot that, despite its complexity, succeeds in moving at a brisk and compelling pace. Qualman’s ease with language—from realistic dialogue to near cinematic descriptiveness—is the hallmark of a truly talented writer. This is a novel for those who want more than spies and explosions in a political thriller; it was written for more discriminating readers and it certainly does not disappoint. Qualman powerfully delivers one of the most insightful and enjoyable reads of the year...expect to see more from him soon.

- New York Time Best Selling Author Ellen Marsh




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