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Born and raised in Detroit, Erik Qualman has not forgotten his Midwest values. The sense of community and giving back to it were instilled at an early age. The Paperback Robin Hood™ program was founded on these same ideals. The proceeds generated from Qualman's literary works are donated to charity.

Author with niece Katie

when not writing... some moments that have been fun: diving with great whites sharks, running with the bulls, sky diving, playing in March Madness for Michigan State, singing at Oktoberfest, dancing at Carnival, being an Uncle, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, skydiving the Remarkables, reporting directly to a CEO of a publicly traded company, glacier climbing, midnight golf in Iceland, snowboarding in Austria, ballooning over the African Safari, and bungee jumping in New Zealand. These various adventurers help supply the author's characters with rich depth and enlivens the story telling.

Author's Note: This book would not have been possible without the love and support of many individuals. A special thanks to the following:

To my loving parents for always supporting everything that I do. My brothers for being the best friends anyone could hope to have. My sister-in-law’s editorial brilliance. The priceless wisdom and guidance received from my Grandparents. Finally, to countless family and friends whose interest, assistance and encouragement mean the world to me!

Thank you and Live the Dream - Erik Qualman


Erik Qualman has been able to develop his writing skills working for companies like General Motors, AT&T, Yahoo, EarthLink, Travelzoo and currently EF Education. He is a die hard Michigan State Basketball fan and was fortunate to have played for Tom Izzo in the early 90's. When not watching his beloved Spartans, working, or writing the author enjoys traveling to new and exotic places. He's been fortunate to have traveled with friends and family to 38 different countries. He recently returned from Belize and Shanghai (Feb 08). Erik currently lives in downtown Boston.


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Paperback Robin Hood:
If someone passed you a Paperback Robin Hood book and you enjoyed it then please feel free to donate as little or as much money as you like by clicking one of the donation tiles above.

The cost of printing & handling the book is roughly $4.50. Once this cost is covered then the remainder is donated to various charities. Oh, and please pass this book and good intentions on!