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Paperback Robin Hood donates money to those in need:

Paperback Robin Hood™ was formed from the simple concept of allowing readers to pass books on (no library card needed) and donate money to worthy causes based on their enjoyment of the book. Just like Robin Hood, the concept is to put money into the hands of the people (via charities) that need it the most. When my dream of becoming an author finally arrived I wanted to share my success by donating the proceeds to charity. So, I ask you to simply read this book for pleasure and pass it on. If you like the book please donate as little or as much as you like. Most importantly please pass the book and good intentions on!

You can order the current featured book "Crisis" on this site for $9.95 and these proceeds are also donated to charity.






Current featured novel: Crisis

Paperback Robin Hood:
If someone passed you a Paperback Robin Hood book and you enjoyed it then please feel free to donate as little or as much money as you like by clicking one of the donation tiles above.

The cost of printing & handling the book is roughly $4.50. Once this cost is covered then the remainder is donated to various charities. Oh, and please pass this book and good intentions on!